Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance

Throughout the pandemic we have strived to keep our customers and staff teams safe from the spread of COVID-19.

We have therefore followed the guidelines issued by the government and implemented new policies and procedures when required.

The actions we have taken has varied between our sites, considering the vulnerability of the customers in each house. Where there have been differences between supported living and residential guidance, this has been implemented accordingly.

We continue to be vigilant and have enhanced infection control procedures in each setting. We ask you to respect the measures we have put in place at each service and to understand that they are there to protect the customers who live in the houses and the staff teams who support them.

For information on measures currently in place, please make enquiries with the manager of the house which you are enquiring about.

Further information is avaliable on the Government coronavirus website.

Our current visiting arrangements

Across all our services, we continue to follow the latest guidance visitors to our service, for meeting people both indoors and out.

In order to minimise risk, we are asking all visitors to continue to follow the current infection control measures in place at the service that you intend to visit. This is likely to include:

  • Handwashing/sanitising on arrival, regularly during your visit, and before you leave
  • Wearing PPE, in particular surgical grade face masks
  • If you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID, please think carefully about whether you wish to visit, as you could pass it on to our customers and staff, who are vital for continuity of care
  • If you are feeling unwell whether or not you have tested positive for COVID, please re-arrange your visit for at least 5 days after you feel better

Before visiting any of our services, we would ask that you come prepared with tissues, to catch, bin and kill any germs from sneezes/coughs whilst visiting.
Please note – in the event of a COVID-19 breakout, we may have to temporarily review visiting arrangements in line with Health protection advice, but you will be made aware of this by the relevant manager (Essential visits are still able to go ahead) and once the outbreak is over, usual visiting arrangements will resume.
Please contact the service manager of the service that you are planning to visit, for any further information regarding our visiting policy, we’re here to help.